Moving fun

by | Oct 18, 2017

We moved last week. It’s been an exciting period of transition.

Exciting is putting it mildly. Remember my post about faith lessons, which was from over 2 months ago? That was when we were looking at moving and making all sorts of other changes. I didn’t know if or when it would actually happen, and every day our plans changed or the circumstances around it changed for us.


We found THE house on August 19th. It was supposed to close September 25th, but thanks to Irma everything got moved back. And then, thanks to an incompetent mortgage broker, the closing date kept getting move later and later. We finally closed October 11th, but I didn’t think it would actually happen until we finally were signing the official paperwork.

I’ve been taking daily pictures of the progress (because it helps me stay motivated and not learn to overlook the boxes that are still left).

The living room/great room

The girls’ room

The school area

my son’s room

The master bedroom

There’s a part two to this project.
We’re going to be turning our former house into an Air BNB! (a short-term rental, if you’re not familiar with the term)

We’ve been working hard at making it ready for guests and are hoping to get it listed before October is done. It’s exciting (and ever-so-slightly terrifying).