Who's behind the camera?

I drove my kids

to their dance class last week, and I got flashbacks of my own childhood, when my whole world revolved around ballet. It’s a thrill to watch the same passion in my kids now.

As a mom,

I’ve watched my three children change and go through fascinating phases. Without my camera, many of those would be lost. As important as a recital and those expensive (itchy) costumes are, they aren’t the only thing we want to remember each year.

Dance still makes me come alive. Taking pictures of dancers makes me forget that I didn’t pack a lunch (and if you know me, you know just how important food is to me). I love the variety and spontaneity of live dances. Just like the best dancers feel the music, I feel the dance from behind my camera.

As a way to keep things fresh

I take my kids places and create “storytelling” pictures. It brings me joy and the kids have a blast!