Charla Virkler, dance photographer

When a dancer grows up and gets into photography, how could it end up anywhere else?

What happens when you combine Rockwell and Degas?

As a child, I grew up in the ballet studio. My teacher had Degas prints all over the walls. I loved the raw emotion of the dancers.

The storytelling ability of Norman Rockwell captured my heart growing up, so my style has evolved into a combination of the two: dancers and storytelling, in a light-hearted way!


Oh, and I write, too.

Confession: It’s been a hot minute since I’ve done anything new, but you can see what I’ve created here.

Studio Work

I’ve stopped doing photo days (and started getting much better sleep). But I still love doing fly-on-the-wall pictures during dance classes, as well as auditions.

Rehearsals and Performances

Rehearsals might be my most favorite thing to get pictures of (other than my own dancers). Costumes and stage lighting, but the freedom to move around and get angles I can’t get while there’s an audience…it’s magical.

From The Blog

I don’t blog often, but when I do I make them count!

Looking Back

Looking Back

Looking Back  We've all been there.  I suspect that by the time people hit adulthood, pretty much everyone has experienced something that, in retrospect, they should have left far earlier than they did. A friendship or relationship that wasn't healthy. A church where...

The stories we don’t know

The stories we don’t know

A little while ago, my husband saw a woman throw a cup of hot coffee into a garbage can near the entrance of Universal's CityWalk. As in, throw. As in, the family near the can almost got splashed. Pretty careless of her, wasn't it? Why couldn't she have taken one more...

My Health Story

My Health Story

It all started a month or so after my father-in-law’s heart attack.When I was up half the night with horrible heartburn that wouldn’t subside (And I started worrying was a heart attack), I got checked out. My heart was fine, but the doctor wanted me to get to a doctor...