For an explanation of Disneybounding, you should start here.

And then you can enjoy some of the creations we’ve put together.

(Note: I didn’t take most of these pictures. Anything at the parks were probably taken by Photo Pass photographers or the character handlers, or else random cast members we found who were willing to jump in and help us capture the moment!)


Frozen’s Hans, Marshmallow, Olaf, Elsa, and Ana visited Epcot.

Romantic anniversary weekend for Ariel and Eric at Magic Kingdom (by the way, I *highly* recommend the Keys to the Kingdom walking tour)

Buzz, a little green alien, Stinky Pete, Bo Peep, and a Green Army Man visited Buzz.

And let me just tell you, we made his day. He LOVED us. As did the cast members working with him.

Big Hero 6 (err….4) visited one of their own!

(GoGo, Baymax, Fred, and Honey Lemon)

I’ll keep adding to this page, so keep checking in :)
(I need to for my own sake too, because we’ll remember doing certain movies, but have no clue what we’d done.)