Turning the Camera Around

by | May 19, 2017

Self-portraits are tough. Trying to get the focus just right when I’m in front of the camera is a problem I have every time I try to pull it off.

But in spite of that, now that I’m back in pointe class, I really wanted to get an opportunity to getĀ in front of the camera.

And I have a newfound appreciation of all the dancers I’ve recruited for this shoot so far!

First of all, I really shouldn’t have done this the morning after my dance class. My toes were still recovering from class. But I had borrowed a friend’s camera just for these pictures (because I couldn’t use my camera to shoot the picture as well as in the shot) so I needed to makeĀ the most of the opportunity.

So I set my camera up on a tripod, grabbed my remote, and tried a few different shots. I got two that worked (this one and the one at the top of the post).

I think it’s wiser for me to stay behind the camera. I’ll leave the dancing to the others and enjoy capturing the moments instead, and dance without trying to get pictures.

Have you successfully gotten pictures of yourself dancing? I’d love to hear: keep the conversation going on Facebook or Instagram!