Research projects

by | Feb 22, 2018

My kids are either dysylexic or dysgraphic (or both). Because of that, I don’t require much written work from them, instead leaning on other ways to make sure they’re learning. We keep it light, because the biggest thing I want them to take from their school years is that learning is fun and never needs to end.

I wrote before about our curriculum for this year, Children Around The World. Our favorite part has always been the meals associated with the country (Romanian meatballs, Swiss fondue, French pea soup…), but last night’s dinner took the cake. And not because Italian food is yummy…it was our “guest” for the evening that really made it special.

The plan for this week was to have the kids’ dad do research on Leonardo Da Vinci, and then he surprises the kids by showing up for dinner in character. Josh was absolutely perfect for this! He had a great time learning about a fascinating character, and the kids told me that our guest was hilarious. We all learned about Leonardo, and Josh enjoyed playing the part.

But something came from it that I wouldn’t have expected.

Realizing how hands-on that education experience was for Josh as well as for the kids, I decided we’ll start having the kids do monthly projects in the same vein.

They can be on any person, place, thing, dance style, etc. The sky is the limit. And at the end of the month, they present their findings in whatever way is appropriate for that topic. (they all want to do dinners, surprise surprise!)

And none of them wanted to go to bed, because they all wanted to start in on the research. Seriously.

Sure enough, they all woke up this morning, excitedly said “Ooh, research!” and jumped on a computer.

Rebekah changed her project once, but then found out everything she could about modern dance.
Hudson stuck to his original plans and is learning about lambs. (his favorite toy has inspired both of us so many times!)
Jasmine’s on her 5th topic: the jasmine flower.

Hudson’s will involve a lunch of lamb. He insists on presenting tomorrow (goody, that means a trip to Publix today!). The other two want to present right away too, so I think Rebekah might do lunch today. Not sure when Jasmine can do it, though, since we’re not here for dinner the next two nights.

I’m not sure how long this will last, but I’m going to savor it for as long as it does!