Heading into the New Year

by | Dec 30, 2020

Just like pretty much everyone else, this year has been just a little rocky. At times it felt like all I could hope for was to survive. Even though I had been homeschooling since 2010 so in a lot of ways life didn’t change that much, at the same time nothing was the same.

…No dance classes (or running the front desk at the studio!)

…No going to church,

…The stress of wearing a mask and distancing myself from others whenever we went out in public

…No opportunity to go to Disney…

Right now, looking at 2021 with high hopes, it’s also making me look back at 2020 a little more analytically. 

It feels like this past year we were all cocoons. From what I’ve read, caterpillars become basically mush before becoming a butterfly. More than just a transformation, the middle stage is a mess. “Caterpillar soup.”

And that, more than anything else, sums up 2020. 

Looking ahead, I get a glimpse of coming alive. Like 2021 is a year of blooming. Blossoming. 

And I’m taking that idea and embracing it. 

To me, this means becoming more confident in who I am. Being less embarrassed about the things that make me different, and sharing the things that I can use to bless others.

It also means I’m going to take things that are in process, like the book I wrote 3 years ago, and put in the hard work to get it ready to publish. It does no good sitting on my computer! 

I’ve been focusing on my health since I first got the Hashimoto’s diagnosis in August 2019, and this year I’m going to continue to dig deeper into what else I need to do to get it fully into remission. 

These are all things I can do, no matter what new rules come or old rules get removed (thinking about mask requirements and the various other things we’ve seen happen this past year). 

What will you do this year? What is within your control? How will you help yourself blossom this year, no matter what curveballs 2021 throws at us? I’d love to hear your thoughts.