Disney Dancing

by | May 4, 2017

We all know Disney has its own kind of magic. But as I started looking through the eyes of a dance photographer, I realized it’s a goldmine for dancing!

There are three ways to experience dance at the parks: Dancing in shows, Dance-like movement, and guest participation.

Dancing in shows

Festival of the Lion King (Animal Kingdom): This is the first one I think of when I think of dancing at Disney. The birds take the cake, but the whole team of dancers is absolutely amazing. My daughters are both dreaming of someday being dancers in this show.

Bongos (Disney Springs): Absolutely incredible salsa dancing with a live band. I had a blast watching these talented dancers!

The current schedule:
from Wednesday through Sunday
Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday: 6pm-10pm
Friday and Saturday: 6pm-11:30pm

Beauty and the Beast Show (Hollywood Studios): There is fantastic dancing all the way through this show, including a great kick line.

Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire (Magic Kingdom): This show in front of the Castle has some fantastic dancing in an assortment of styles, including some awesome tap dancing.

Dance-like movement


De-Vine (Animal Kingdom): This is a person on stilts covered in vine-like material. Her movement is very fluid and dance-like.

Chinese Acrobats (China Pavillion, Epcot’s World Showcase): This show changes every few months as they bring on different¬†acrobats. Not technically dance, but it’s enough like it to count!

Indiana Jones Stuntshow Spectacular (Hollywood Studios): Stuntwork is almost a dance form in itself, but I was thinking specifically of the acrobats in the second scene. It’s fun choreography and is always my favorite part of the show.

Guest Participation Opportunities

Marketplace Fountain¬†(Disney Springs): There’s a splash fountain next to Earl of Sandwich and Once Upon A Toy that has a dance party in the evenings (it’s not listed on their website so I can’t vouch for it being nightly, but whenever we’ve gone there it’s been happening).

Harambe Wildlife Parti (Animal Kingdom): This show feels like a fun celebration as much as a dance party. The music and joy is contagious!

Move It! Shake It! Dance and Play It! Street Party (Magic Kingdom): This parade/dance party is a really fun chance for everyone to slow down and use muscles we don’t always use spending the day at a theme park.

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