Preparing for Photo Day

Is this how your dancer feels about photo day?

I was so nervous.

My heart was pounding.

I shouldn’t have been so scared. It was a normal ballet class. Black leotard, pink tights, leather slippers and a tiny, wispy bun of strawberry blond hair on the back of my head.

 But somehow, seeing the cloth backdrop and camera on a tripod changed everything.

Suddenly, a tendu seemed preposterously difficult. (in my defense, I’d only been taking class for a few months).

The actual shoot is a blur…I just remember holding the pose for an eternity.

Many, many moons later, after I started taking pictures of dancers, I saw the same uncertainty in their eyes that I remembered feeling at that first photo day. 


I have created a book that will help you prepare YOUR dancer to walk into photo day with confidence. And that means you’ll come out with pictures you’re much happier with, too!

Now I spend my days

on the other side of the camera, watching dancers panic and have no idea what they should do.

It’s stressful for all of us, and that discomfort is visible in the first couple photos.

Is this avoidable?

So very Yes.

I’ve created a book full of images and explanations on how to help your dancer get more comfortable, stronger dance images this year.

A helpful guide

Tips and tricks to figuring out poses your dancer will love (and actually be able to pull off!)

Includes the names of steps that they are learning in class, so even if you don’t have training in that style, you can still help your dancer in the poses.

Dance Styles 

Ballet and Pointe


130+ photos

Beginning and intermediate dancers will find an abundance of poses they can successfully imitate, after seeing dancers just like them in this book.

Ready to experience it for yourself?

Get ready to see your dancer walk into photo day, head held high, not dependent on the teacher for this year’s poses! 

*NOTE: this is currently unavailable. If you’re interested, please let me know and I can start selling it as an e-book,  but the Blurb link no longer works.