When they’re not dancing

by | Mar 5, 2018

My son is a constant ball of energy. If he isn’t dancing, he’s riding his bike, playing tag, or surfing (if we’re fortunate enough to make it to the beach).

My daughters, on the other hand, aren’t nearly so active off the dance floor. My eldest only takes ballet and jazz (total of one day of dance per week), and she’s not terribly interested in practicing at home the rest of the week. (Confession: she takes after me!)

My middle child, the one who is in all the dance classes available to her, choreographs more dances at home and loves to practice her latest dance moves. But if I suggest walking to the mailbox (6 houses away), she looks at me like I’m asking her to eat our parakeet: “ARE YOU KIDDING?!?!”

Where do your kids fall in this spectrum? Have you come up with ways to get the less-active ones more physical? I’d love your suggestions and ideas!

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