5 Awesome (free!) Locations for Dance Photos in St. Cloud and Kissimmee

by | Jun 2, 2017

Sometimes we get amazing ideas in our heads for photo shoots, but we get stuck on where we can actually pull them off.

Here are a few of my favorite (FREE) places to take pictures around St. Cloud and Kissimmee.

In St. Cloud:

The St. Cloud Lakefront Park is lovely. It usually has a quiet hum of people unless there’s a big event going on, but it’s calm enough that you won’t have to worry about people photobombing you.

Historic downtown St. Cloud has some fascinating buildings, and there are a variety of painted murals scattered around the downtown area. They’d make fun urban backdrops for a photo shoot. Just walk down New York or Massachusetts Ave and look for something photo-worthy: it won’t take long!

Lake Runnymede Conservation Area on Rummel Rd. is  lovely for a woodsy shot.If the sun is out you’re going to have dappled light do deal with, which is distracting, but with off-camera flash or on an overcast day you should have beautiful opportunities.

at Lake Runnymede Conservation Area

In Kissimmee:

The Lakefront Park is almost always a possibility for a fun shoot. A bit busier than St. Cloud lakefront (though not as much as when Pokemon Go was at its peak!), it has some lovely spots.

Downtown Kissimmee has beautiful painted murals in several places. The soft colors aren’t distracting and make excellent backdrops.

What’s your go-to location for photo shoots? Have you gone to any of these? I’d love to get your thoughts on Facebook or Instagram!