Sunset has such incredible light. Even if the sun isn’t its most gorgeous (i.e. if you’re not in Orlando ;) ), it’s rich and warm and magical.

But if you have your white balance set on Auto, you’ll feel like the pictures are lacking something in that magic.


See how Hudson’s face is almost on the blue side? (we’re choosing to ignore how dark this picture is. It’s straight out of camera, which is supposed to be bad when you’re showing “before.” Go with me, kay?)


Here’s a super-easy trick to capture the magic.
Put your white balance on “shade.”

Details to that hint: If you’re usually using auto mode, you’ll want to go to “P” instead. That setting allows you to leave as much of it up to the camera as you want, but still allows you to change a little. Then everyone: Make sure your flash is off, and change your white balance from Auto to Shade. Then shoot away!!

Suddenly your pictures will look like this:



And with a tiny bit of editing, maybe even like this:


(using “(Listen to the) Color of your Dreams” from Stuck in my Head¬†Lightroom presets)