In Action

Capturing the moment: rehearsals and dance classes


is more than just the recital. It’s more than the costumes, and it’s far more than Photo Day.
It’s a way of life. A passion we carry with us everywhere. It’s the only acceptable form of exercise for people with dancing in their blood (like me).
My goal as a dance photographer is to capture the spirit and grace of a dancer. To take pictures that reveal the passion for dance as well as to show off the hours and years of training and work. With that in mind, I offer far more than just Photo Day pictures.

I am a photographer whose number one passion is dance and I cannot wait to capture your studio’s beautiful dancing.

What I do

I take pictures on Photo Day in the spring, when all the costumes are in. A couple weeks later I bring the proofs and take orders, which I fill quickly because I’m an impatient mom too. I bring them to the studio all beautiful, and I love it when the parents pick them up while I’m there. There’s nothing quite as thrilling as hearing the gasps when they see their beautiful dancer’s pictures in their hands.

I then take pictures from the wings and backstage at the dress rehearsal, as well as pictures of the recital itself. Those I put on an online gallery for simple at-home ordering. Those pictures I have sent directly to your house, since I know how busy summer vacation can be.

20% of the profits I earn with my photography goes to this family ministry.

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