Starting week seven

by | May 9, 2018

Today starts the seventh week of our bathroom project. And that doesn’t count all the preliminary work of finding someone and choosing everything we’d put in there.

It’s the seventh week of:

  • sharing one bathroom for the 5 of us all day
  • Josh working in the living room instead of our bedroom
  • not being able to get to things in the garage
  • (having our dress clothes hanging in a closet in the garage)
  • having a “stranger” in and out of our house every day
  • lovely sounds throughout the day (jackhammers are LOUD when they’re within your walls!)



I know it should be done soon. When he finishes the grout (today) and the beadboard on the walls, everything else should go in place really quickly. Nothing has been simple. Either we bought the wrong grout, or the vanity we chose has drawers that will hit where the pipes are, or it just takes longer than expected to cut up the millions of subway tiles.

I’m so ready to see it finished! I can’t wait to have my house back!