It all started a month or so after my father-in-law’s heart attack.
When I was up half the night with horrible heartburn that wouldn’t subside (And I started worrying was a heart attack), I got checked out.
My heart was fine, but the doctor wanted me to get to a doctor to do further testing.

Thankfully I knew my mom had thyroid issues so I asked the PA for a full thyroid panel. Because of that, I found out I had Hashimoto’s, though my thyroid was still functioning well. (Suddenly a lot of things I didn’t pay attention to made sense: the exhaustion wasn’t just my busy schedule. The brain fog wasn’t just “mom brain.” The brittle nails weren’t just what I was doing with my hands).

He took me through some crazy tests and diet adjustments. No improvement. Well, that’s not entirely true. The first two months I did make huge strides, because I was gluten-, soy-, and dairy-free. (more on that later). But the other stuff he had me go through made things worse instead of better.

I read books and followed their guidelines for my diet and supplements. I kept getting my antibodies tested and got discouraged that they stopped getting lower.

I was so frustrated with how his office functioned (or didn’t) that I started going to someone else.
He admitted that he wasn’t knowledgeable about autoimmunity, but he is anxious to learn. I’m thankful for that mindset! He gave me more tests…more work…and no change.

Josh reminded me about a group I had joined at some point maybe a year before. I looked into her again and this time everything became crystal clear.
I ended up doing two of her courses. I started with “MY Hormone Masterclass” and then decided I needed the “transform autoimmune disease naturally” course.
Both are online, and both are Dr. Maggie’s philosophy, but that’s where the similarities end.
MY Hormone Masterclass is a self-led class that teaches you a TON about how hormones affect autoimmunity. It includes a hormone test kit and a consult with Dr. Maggie. It’s amazing and turned everything around for me.
This course (made for all autoimmune conditions, diagnosed or suspected) helped me figure out that I had PCOS as well as the Hashimoto’s I knew about. I started changing how I ate and that affected how my sleeping was. (I found out that there is a strong connection between PCOS and Type I diabetes. If family members have one, it is highly likely that others will have the other, because both have their roots in blood sugar issues!)
I decided to join the full program to transform my autoimmunity.
It was an investment, but so were the various treatments I’d gotten with my two doctors. But this time instead of feeling awful while I did it (3-day vegetable juice fast?! Those last couple glasses made me gag!), this time each change I made helped me feel better and stronger. Talk about motivation to continue!
I am currently on the 9th week. (out of 10)
I have learned so much.
I now know what tests to ask for…
What the results mean…
and where to go from there.

(Spoiler alert: I am no longer getting my antibodies tested. They were sufficient to get diagnosed as having Hashi’s, but the number isn’t helpful beyond that. Other tests tell far more about how I’m actually doing)
The PCOS is completely reversed. Hashimoto’s is not causing issues now, though I wouldn’t call it “reversed” quite yet. I know now what I can and can’t eat (gluten and whey are out for life, and I have a few things to avoid for a couple months and then see if I can reintroduce them), and I know better how to diagnose where I need to go to continue seeing improvements.
I won’t say I’m completely out of the woods yet. I still forget words when I’m talking…but less than I used to. I still am dealing with anxiety…but much less than a few months ago. I have weight to lose, but it’s not something I need to focus on…it will come as I keep doing the work.
The healing is happening. And I’m ridiculously excited about that.

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