Difficult Lessons

by | Apr 13, 2018

Something I’ve always been weak in: humility.

Something I got a big crash-course in this week: humility.

This week the directors of our dance studio were gone on a much-needed vacation. I’ve been living vicariously through their trip thanks to Instagram. It’s been an amazing week for them, and I’m so glad they got it.

But I’m realizing just how much I depend on them! I may think I’m helping keep things run smoothly, but there’s a LOT that goes on here that I’m unaware of. Then you add in all the substitute teachers…plus the normal surprises that crop up on a regular basis…and this is one emotionally exhausted mama.

I made so many mistakes that I’ve had to apologize for. SO many. Telling parents the wrong time for a make-up class, for example. Or bringing the wrong set of keys so I can’t unlock anything. It’s embarrassing and humiliating and frustrating.

But on the flip side, it’s not just that my pride taking a beating (which isn’t really a bad thing; I know it should be knocked down a few levels). I’m experiencing the grace of the others I’ve been surrounded by this week. Being forgiven is an incredibly freeing feeling. It helps me to forgive myself for those mistakes (while also taking note of what I need to do differently in the future).

So all in all, it’s going to end up being a decent week. I’ll be so glad to go back to “normal” this coming week, but it’s been a great learning experience. And that’s  always better in the long run than being comfortable and never changing.