Being a Misfit

by | Jan 4, 2018

Recently, I’ve been realizing that I’ve always felt like a little bit of a misfit.

When I was in college, I was one of a whole bunch of music education majors, but the instrumental program was much smaller than the vocal. And in the clarinet section, I was the only music major for most of my time in college. And in orchestra, I was one of two or three clarinets, so most of the directions didn’t apply to me. The bulk of the time was directed at the thousands of string instruments (okay, maybe just hundreds ;) )

I lived in Istanbul for two years. I remember walking down the street with my Turkish teacher, a petite Korean/Vietnamese lady who had lived most of her life in Istanbul, and seeing the shock on people’s faces when they heard us speaking in Turkish. I know they expected we were both tourists who couldn’t even figure out how to count their money, let alone understand what was going on around them!

Now, I’m a photographer. But I’m not like the others in the various photography groups I haunt…most focus on weddings or families. No, I do dance and only dance.

When I was thinking all this through, I started to wonder: do I ever truly fit in? And do I want to?

I think it’s possible that I actually embrace my uniqueness.

…I don’t shy away from my height or red hair like I did in high school.

…I like that we had a husky mix who was much smaller than you ever expect a husky to be.

…I don’t raise my hand when people at church ask who’s from NY, because they mean NYC and I’m most definitely from the other part of the state.


…then I wondered…does anyone feel like they truly fit in? Or is the idea of “fitting in” something that doesn’t actually exist?

And in that case, we should just rock our uniqueness. Not run from sticking out, but instead enjoy the fact that we’re different. To teach our kids that they don’t have to try to be like everyone else.

I don’t know about you, but that thought is incredibly freeing!