A Dancer’s Bucket List

by | Apr 28, 2017

Dancers, you eat sleep, and breathe dancing. You’ve likely started coming up with a list of things you’d like to accomplish in your dance career. How many of these things are on your list already?

1. Attend a breaking jam. (I don’t know if it’s because I’m in FL and maybe it’s a bigger deal in this part of the country, or I just got connected to it right away so I’m aware of its presence, but hopefully you can find one near you to attend). Seriously, no matter what kind of dance you’re used to, you should experience a jam at least once. I’ve never felt the same amount of positive energy anywhere else. It’s magical.

2. Dance on TV.

3. Perform at Disney or Universal.

4. Meet your favorite dancer and tell them how much they influenced you.

5. Nail a huge, well-known dance in your style. (“Thriller”…or the 32 fouettes from Swan Lake…or the “Good Morning” dance from Singin’ in the Rain…)

6. Be known for dancing. (my 10-year-old’s suggestion. Just how widely you want to be known is your call)

7. Get paid to dance. That first paid gig, no matter, the actual amount, is a thrill.

8. Do 100 pirouettes in a row. (my 8-year-old son’s suggestion)

What else should I add? What’s on your list? How many of these have you done? Join the conversation on Facebook or Instagram!