Photography Tutorials

Learn more about taking, and editing, your photos!

10 Composition Rules (guest post)

10 composition rules
to make your photos stronger
and more beautiful.

It's All About The Angle

Bring your photo to new heights
by shooting from a different angle!

Decluttering Your Photos

Simple ways
to bring the focus directly
to the subject of your photo!

Getting out of Auto Mode

Want to move out of auto mode,
but aren’t ready to quite head to Manual yet?
Here are some steps toward more control for better shots!

Fireworks “Flowers”

How to get fireworks pictures
that are really cool and funky!
For DSLR cameras

Macro photos without a macro lens

Getting the macro look
without a macro lens!
(for SLR cameras)

Christmas Details

Get better pictures
of this year’s
Christmas-y details!

Sun Flare

A tutorial on getting
rockin’ sunflare
with any camera!

Dealing with Harsh Sun

A simple tutorial on working
with intense sunshine!

Backlit Photos

How to get more light
onto the subject
of your picture!


A quick-and-easy trick
to get the magical light
of sunsets!

Great light

Ways to find, and capture,
great light in your photos.

Fixing harsh shadows quickly

How many times do you take pictures in the sunshine,
and you end up with strong shadows?
Here’s a quick tip to make sure you get pictures you’ll be happy with!


Most people either love to take pictures of themselves,
or else avoid it like the plague.
Hopefully if you’re that latter type,
this tutorial will convince you to give it a try!

Presents Time

Hints on getting better pictures this Christmas
(or whenever you open presents).

Fighting the “cheese” factor

Getting rid of the “cheese” factor in pictures
and getting genuine smiles


Capture those meaningful moments
with this simple photo tutorial!

Lightning Pictures

How to get awesome lightning shots,
even if you’re (the passenger) in your car
going 70 mph!

Capturing the Moment

Learn how to train your eye (and camera)
on capturing the moment…
the look, the motion, the expression.