For photographers and digital scrappers, as well as anyone who realizes their pictures could look a little better, I create actions for Photoshop and Elements. There are also Lightroom Presets, as well as templates to create photo storyboards and textures/overlays to add a little grunge to photos.

I’ve created tutorials on how to use all the products I sell. To see how to install and use them, check out this list.

Here’s a small sampling! (products are available at Etsy. Have fun!)


I have been photographing families (and cats) for 4 1/2 years now and I have NEVER used any actions, effects, etc. I’m a “straight out of the camera” die hard and only use editing for a little cropping and a color boost every now and then. Normally, the pictures I love out of a session the best are the ones that don’t have the color boost on them and are just natural. I am by no means an amazing photographer, but people around here love to use me since they have a lot of fun with me and they get to make suggestions, etc.

In my local area, there’s been that fad of over-processed prints for family pictures, but while it might look snazzy now, it isn’t something that grandmothers want hanging over their mantle in the formal living room… if you know what I mean. So I was the opposite. Just clean, classic photographs that will look good 20 years from now.

Yesterday, our church had Easter service at the lake and I took my camera and snapped a couple of photos… it was hard since it was high noon under pine trees (read: super bad shadows), but I came home and downloaded my pictures and saw that I for sure needed some help. Sunshine Actions addressed a NEED of mine, so I went with it first. From this whole story, it’s pretty obvious that I’ve not used an action nor do I fully know all the buttons on Photoshop Elements. So yesterday, with no help from my husband, I downloaded the actions, got them into Photoshop Elements, and starting editing photos. HOLY COW was about the only thing I kept saying!!! THAT was the EASIEST process I’ve EVER done in LIFE!!! I followed the easy directions and BOOM, it was SO fast and SO easy. I just kept opening up photos to watch it work its magic! AH-MAZING! Thank you thank you thank you for opening my eyes to something that could have been confusing. In fact, so confusing that I hadn’t attempted it already! YOU ROCK! 

Christina Butler