Who am I?

Charm Box Studios is actually Charla Virkler (Say Shar-luh). Don’t ask about the name unless you want to hear a long ramble story, but it is a good one.*

I started off as a dancer when I was growing up. I was completely obsessed with ballet (I took French in high school so I could understand the ballet better). Fast-forward to 2010. I started to take pictures of my daughters’ ballet classes for the fun of it…the studio invited me to take pictures of the classes…and then I was invited to shoot a ballet/modern master class. I was hooked. I wanted…nay, needed, to be a dance photographer! I’d never met anyone who did that and had no idea if it was a marketable skill or merely something I’d do for fun, but that was what I wanted.

I take pictures of dancers because I am drawn to the grace, excellence, and strength of dance. I love the precision in the technique. Taking pictures of movement gives me the same feeling of joy I had when I took ballet, but still allows me to walk the next day. I can’t say the same about the ballet class I took a few years ago.

If you’re tired of your dancing pictures looking the same year…after year…after year…and you want something that reflects your personality as well as your dance excellence, I’m the photographer you’re looking for! Studio shots, outdoor “lifestyle” dance…I love it all and I can’t wait to breathe new life into your portfolio photos!

You can find me in Orlando, Florida.

I shoot dancers looking to update their dance portfolio, as well as taking the photos for Dance Central in St. Cloud. And if you work for Disney and are thinking of bringing on a new dance photographer, drop me a line!! I work out of my home or on location (at studios or outdoors).

*Charm Box Studios’ name backstory: It started out as a designing team of Charla (Virkler) and Michelle (Batton). We combined parts of our names, added the “box” because it sounded cute together, and since there were two of us, we were studios rather than one studio.

Fast-forward a few months…Michelle stepped down and I flew solo…designed for 2 1/2 years by myself, missed the photography, and stopped designing. But I still associate with the Charm a Box Studios name, so I’m keeping it and letting it evolve with me. Sorry you asked now?

(and yes, I realize now that the CH sound in Charm makes everyone who hasn’t met me assume that Charla is also said the same way. *sigh* I can’t win.)