I walked

into my ballet class last week and was struck with a realization: dancing never leaves you. It started in childhood and stayed with me ever since. Similarly, the music I listened to as a child encouraged me to earn a degree in music and pursue dancing as well.

There’s nothing

more beautiful than when the right music finds the right dancer. And when this happens, such beauty makes me reach for my camera to capture it. My experience with music and dance means I know just when those breathtaking moments will happen, so I’m always in the right spot to frame the perfect photo.

As a way

to keep things fresh with my creative endeavors, I am constantly photographing rehearsals, classes and backstage dances, so if you’d like to move in beautiful ways to beautiful music, I’d love to capture it beautifully. If you feel the same way and want to book a session that highlights your personality as well as your dance technique, contact me here.

Or drop me a line directly at [email protected]